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When it comes time to talk about bike racks for cars, you need to realize that there are many, many choices out there for which you’ll need to decide. There are a number of different questions that you will need to answer to be able to find the best bike rack for your car, and for your needs. Of course price is always an issue, but even beyond that there are functional questions to consider. Things such as the vehicle you drive, how often you’ll be carrying your bike (and how many bicycles you’ll be carrying) on your bike rack, whether you prefer a trunk mounted bike rack or a roof rack, and whether you wanted to have the rack permanently affixed to your vehicle or if you prefer to have a temporary, removable type of bike rack.

Failing to consider these variables could potentially lead you to having “buyer’s remorse”. The whole reason we put together this website for you,, is so that you can be a well-informed consumer. We want you to be happy with the purchase decisions you make, and enjoy cycling anywhere and everywhere you, your vehicle, and your bike go, all happily and securely joined together with just the right bicycle carrier for your needs.

Fortunately for you, no matter how you narrow it down amongst the variables outlined above, you will have a wide selection of bike rack manufacturers from which to choose. Some of the better-known companies you might be looking at include the Thule bike rack as well as the Yakima or Saris bike rack, which are also quite popular.

The three main types of bike racks, as far as location on the vehicle, are these; roofer acts, trunk mounted bicycle racks, and finally hitch mounted bike racks. Each has its place and there is no doubt that the matter what vehicle you drive, there’ll be something to fit your needs.

Roof racks are often popular because they don’t interfere with any kind of loading or unloading of the people or gear in and out of the vehicle. Also, the permanently affixed retracts often have multiple attachments that can be used beyond just a bicycle carrier. For example, you could attach a cargo tray, ski or snowboard racks, kayak carriers, or even simply leaving the crossbars with padding for everything from surfboards to ladders to strapping down and transporting mattresses across town. Of course one thing to always keep in mind when carrying a bicycle on a roof rack is your clearance. There’s more than one horror story of people forgetting about having their bikes on the roof rack and driving through a drive-through window or into a garage and doing all kinds of damage to the structure, the rack, the vehicle, and clearly the bicycle. Don’t be one of those ends up on America’s funniest home videos (because I doubt you’ll be laughing…)

Another issue with roof is the height of the rack itself. You going to need to lift a bicycle a pretty high to get on there, which can be problematic for some people. This is where a trunk mounted bike rack comes in handy. Access level is very reasonable for almost anybody and often times you can easily stack two, three or even four bytes on this type of rack system. Often times trunk mounted bicycle racks are ideal for smaller cars and family sedans. They are usually fairly easy to mount and dismount just when you need them and won’t be a permanent fixture on your vehicle.

Finally, for those people who have a hitch installed on their vehicle, they bike racks hitch mount is a wonderful option. It has many of the benefits outlined in both the roof rack and the trunk mounted rack mentioned above. For example, hitch mounted racks have many add-on accessories that make it easy to transport additional luggage, coolers, items heavier than your standard bicycle (such as motorcycles) etc. In addition, it remains at that comfortable height mentioned with a trunk mounted rack. Plus, while it has the feeling of stability and security of the permanently mounted bicycle rack system, they hitch mount a racks are very easy to install/mount and remove as well as allowing easy access to the vehicle, even if you need to get in the truck/back gate area (on an SUV for example).

If you weren’t already confused about it before, you might be now that you can clearly see there are many options when it comes to bike racks for cars. Still one more thing to keep in mind is where you purchased it from. One of the advantages of purchasing from many bike rack vendors online is that they offer free shipping when you buy a bike rack from them. While this isn’t always the case, it is much of the time and many dealers are willing to work with you if you do decide to purchase a bike rack from them.

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