Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3 Bike Trunk Mount Rack is equipped with a user friendly technology called the hub adjustment system. This system is meant to fit perfectly to any type of vehicles. This rack can carry three bikes securely at a time. Bike security and easy mounting of the bikes is ensured by the bike separators fitted with rubber straps. This rack comes in fully assembled condition and can be folded up easily for storage. Other notable features of Hollywood Racks E3 Express include a tie down strap to ensure road safety, and pre-assembled soft cradles.  The built of the material is also extremely durable.

Nearly 700 customers have rated the product as 4 stars on Amazon.com on the basis of its features and performance. We have conducted this review taking all the features and feedbacks in to account. This review may help you make an informed decision while purchasing your next trunk mount rack.

Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The Negative Reviews

Many drawbacks of Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3 Bike were pointed out by the users during our review. Some customers have had serious issues carrying more than one bike with the rack. In some cases the bike in the outer area of the bike rack fell off when more than one bike was placed on it. In one particular instance, the rubber mounts fell off and the bike traveled in a hanging state.

According to our review, this Hollywood Racks does not fit on car models like Nissan Sentra and Toyota Camry. The instruction manual of the product is extremely poorly written and provides inputs which are inadequate to help the customers. The installation process was very difficult for some customers because it slips repeatedly while the knobs were being tightened. The straps do not tighten as well as they should. The customers have also complained about scratches in the body of the bikes as well as the cars. Some them have mentioned that the bikes tend to move around when the car is driven.

The Positive Reviews

A large majority of the customers contradicted the opinions found in the last section. They did not have any issues with this rack, and have used them for safe carriage f three bikes.

Most users have strongly appreciated the solid build of the rack. The pivot of the rack that tightens or loosens a knob is also made very strongly. The mounting process is a breeze, and took no more than a couple of minute for most of the users. The customers have also praised the Hollywood E3 Express Trunk Mount Rack because it leaves no marks on the bike or the car.

We did come across many customers who had carried as many as four bikes using this bike rack without any difficulty at all. The bikes do not move around, wobble, or bounce when the car is on the move.

The Conclusion

To sum up this discussion, it must be said that the Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3 Bike Trunk Mount Rack is one of the best options for the carriage of three bikes. The negative remarks were more due to the inability of the users to use it properly, and hence these feedbacks made no difference to our impression. This is certainly your best choice if you have more than 1 bike.

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