Saris Bike Racks – Fun, Functional, Fabulous and Secure

Saris bike racks offer you a solution to what can be one of the more frustrating aspects of transporting your bike to a riding destination on a roof rack; that being the loading and unloading of your bike. For many people, it is awkward to say the least to hoist a bike up to the level of the roof of your vehicle, much less balance it into position to be able to secure it in place. This puts you, your car and your bike at risk of potential injury or damage.

Before the ride, when you’re loading at home and before you’re properly warmed up, doing this can potentially make you prone to an injury (there has been more than one person reporting they ‘tweaked’ their back doing this process, or else unloading the bike at the final riding destination).

By the time you’re done with the ride and ready to load up again, you can be exhausted, again putting you in a prime position to hurt yourself. While your muscles may be warm by now and the ‘tweak’ is maybe a bit less likely, the challenge of getting your bike up to the roof rack has led more than one person to have their bike teeter and fall off the rack; either onto them, causing an injury, or else onto the car, potentially scratching the paint or cause some other kind of damage, or even if it manages to avoid damaging the car, the bike might come crashing down to the ground, causing potential damage to your beloved bike.

Saris Bones 4-Bike Hitch Rack

All these situations are a drag and may exist even if you are driving a standard, smaller car. When you consider the number of mini vans and SUVs out there that have an even higher, significantly higher, roof line, you can really see where a bicycle roof rack can be less than ideal.

So what is the alternative? Well, you have several, depending on your vehicle.

If you happen to have a trailer hitch (a typical 2 inch hitch mount), there are many hitch mounted bike racks to choose from. These are excellent because they are extremely secure, both in the way they carry your bike as well as in the sense that they can be locked to your vehicle, so the rack itself is safe from potential theft. Also, many of today’s hitch mounted racks are brilliantly designed such that they are able to swing away from the back of the vehicle so that, even with bikes loaded on the rack (and some carry as many as four bikes at a time), you can still access whatever you need at the back of the vehicle, whether it is a trunk, tailgate or lift gate.

For those that do not have a hitch mount and who carry a spare tire on the back of their car for easy access to it in the event of a flat tire, there are many spare tire bike racks that quickly and easily fit over your spare. Despite the simplicity and ease of use and installation of this type of bike rack, there is no compromise when it comes to how stable and secure your bikes will be during transport (assuming you’re getting a well-recognized, high quality brand rack such as a Thule bike rack, Yakima, Saris bike racks, etc.)

Speaking of Saris, they have an option that works very well for just about everyone and anyone, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. The Saris Bones bike rack is not only one of the most adaptable racks on the market, it is far and away the most ‘attractive’ bike rack anywhere.

The Saris Bones rack system was designed by Italian designer Fabio Pedrini. It might sound odd to think of an ‘attractive’ bike rack, but when you see the elegant lines and the fun variety of colors you can choose from, it’ll make total sense to you. When you add this fun twist to the concept of making your bike rack decision, on top of the fact that Saris bike racks are among the most trusted bike racks on the market today, and the fact that the Saris Bones adapt to almost any vehicle, including cars with spoilers, it makes it an option that you simply cannot avoid at least considering.

Fun, functional, attractive, secure, unique… not the kind of words you might normally associate with a bike rack, but every reason why you should take a closer look at Saris bike racks.

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