SportRack A30901 2EZ Hitch Platform 2 Bike Rack

The SportRack A30901 2EZ Hitch Platform 2 Bike Rack is a very well-made product that works perfectly. With it, the 2-wheelers will be secure. It doesn’t matter if the road you’re on seems to be rough. The rack can manage fine, considering that it is built from sturdy materials that emphasize its capabilities. Also, it is quite friendly on the budget. For a sleek item of its kind, it is indeed something to be delighted about. To top it all off, it is rather stylish. It is cheap alright but its overall quality and minimalistic appearance don’t indicate so.

Sometimes, you can’t help but worry about the state of your wheels when you put them at the back of your car. Normally, without a good rack to keep them in place, they would rub against each other and wear off the paint. There will be some damage during the transport. Being in motion causes this but the SportRack lets you avoid it with the straps and clamp bolts it comes with. Other racks are not that stable and tend to scratch the vehicles with each other. Especially when there are more bikes fitted together, chances are, you’ll be horrified the instant you land your eyes on your rides after an hour or so on the road.


  • Affordable
  • Carries 2 bikes of any size
  • Easy to set up
  • With wheel straps for extra security
  • Solidly-built
  • Comes with square tube which goes into the hitch
  • Secure clamp bolts
  • Able to fit 1.25 and 2-inch receivers
  • Rubberized hooks for no scratches
  • Center post is foldable
  • Adjustable hooks

To put it simply, the SportRack A30901 2EZ Hitch Platform 2 Bike Rack is an ideal rack for two bicycles. All in all, it provides an excellent combination of design, affordability, and durability. It’s quite flexible, considering how you can adjust the hooks for a better fit. When you have someplace to go to, you can easily assemble it at the back of your car and you don’t have to fret about the usual concerns involved during transportation of the vehicles anymore. It will just take you a couple of minutes to do so then you’ll be good to go. You can head on over to the destination you desire carrying your wheels with you.

The features and advantages were laid out to you. It’s your decision if it’s the product you should get. If you want your bike to have a proper place whenever you go around, the SportRack A30901 2EZ Hitch Platform 2 Bike Rack is there for you to consider purchasing. Don’t just settle for some rope to secure your ride. For one, they don’t exactly guarantee to keep your vehicle or two intact and for another, it will take you some time to fasten them. Also, you will be met with disappointments by the results. You shouldn’t pull a stunt like that. Why should you when you can easily purchase the SportRack that’s regardful of your budget?


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